The Big Box & More network is active throughout 50 exclusive districts in Germany, which allows us to work both locally and across the country. Our active approach and knowledge of the local market often means that we know what is going on before the information has reached the market.

Our services include finding tenants for all your commercial property classes, composing and negotiating rental agreements and reviewing tenant structures and layouts for more efficient solutions.

Sales & Acquisitions

Connecting landlords with investors, sellers with buyers, it is our competence to understand both sides, which allows us to offer sound advice and negotiate successful real estate transactions.

Properly addressing the requirements and expectations of both the seller and the buyer guarantees mutually beneficial transactions.

Development Capabilities

We provide development expertise for property owners / owner occupier without the management resources or in-house development team to realize the potential of their land positions.

Our team of experienced industry experts can oversee all aspects of the construction project. These turnkey services start with a thorough planning that continues on through the bid process, contracting, permitting and actual construction.

Contractor Negotiation

Leveraging the deep experience of our sister company Log4Real, who has facilitated the successful development and delivery of numerous logistic and light industrial facilities, we are in a position to negotiate with respected contractors who have partnered with the company on larger scale developments.

Logistic Services

Transport costs are a big part of the total logistic costs. Detailed requests for quotation secure transport and delivery quality while reducing costs substantially. In addition if a gravity point analysis for a new warehouse or production facility is conducted, the related overall costs can be reduced even further.

Property/Asset Management

Operating each asset from an owner's perspective, Big Box & More professionals focus on the pro-active prevention of problems. This pro-active approach serves as the foundation for long-term relationships ensuring maximum asset value and tenant retention.

Pragmatic, bottom-line oriented planning often yields ways to more efficiently use space, reduce real estate investment and/or liabilities, and dispose of or re-deploy unneeded or under-used assets. The planning process helps in containing and/or re-checking facility costs.

Temporary Warehouse Solutions

Temporary warehouse solutions save you time and money. Our temporary warehouse buildings are installed fast on almost any surface – asphalt, concrete or soil – without the need of a permanent foundation.

You can customize your warehouse with a variety of different amenities and adjust the size and space based on your changing needs. Our all-inclusive turnkey solutions, from set-up to dismantle, ensure to keep your business moving.

Maximizing Asset Value

The asset value of modern logistics and light industrial assets, build according to the latest construction standards are far higher then that of older buildings. There are proven strategies to maximize the corporate asset values, which in addition maximises the company value, which is interesting especially for service providers that normally face high turnover with comparably low net profits. And it is the net profit, which drives the company value.

Strategic Forward Planning

Focusing on small to medium sized companies who don't have in-house expertise, we provide expert strategic advice and cost-effective program direction. Our network, know-how and experience make us the perfect partner to provide tailor-made advice for your real-estate requirements. Helping you decide whether you should stay and maximize the space or move location, we will guide you through these key decisions.